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25 June 2011 @ 02:07 am
Discription: This was an Xmas pressy, I think it came with some Hello Kitty chocolates inside, it's also a large Mug which always make me happy ^_^
It's a Sanio licens 2010 but it was made by Kinnerton
Bought: it was bought in my local town's Tesco Metro :P (I tried to find another in other Tesco's but this was the only one we found, mostly cos I love the design and I dropped something on it and it's cracked really badly >_<)
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25 June 2011 @ 01:51 am

I got bought this to replace my Doctor Who black Darlek sandwich box :P thought I'm not sure this will get the battering ^_^

Discription: It's a sturdy sandwich box, which is normaly surprising for Merch stuff, it's made in Japan by Casmin, all it's blub on the bottom is also in Japanes! so I imagin it's an actual import.
Bought:  I bought it in Leeds in a Pop-Culture shop that I could have spent loads in!
25 June 2011 @ 01:39 am

This was a Hello Kitty stationery set I bought in Vagas back in 1996 when on a holliday with my best friend and her folks.

Hello Kitty Stationery from 1996

I think it's the original pen, but it never worked, and the stickers that came with it have long since been stuck to old file folders that I used at collage and uni ^_^.
This is old style orignal Hello Kitty, it was probuced by Sanrio (76, 95) who still produse all the modern stuff now, about the only real diffrence with then and now is the Hello Kitty font.
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25 June 2011 @ 01:18 am

This is just my little guilty fetish of MERCHANDISING!!! I just cant help myself some times, not when it's cheep, cheerful and terribly kitsch ^_^

In the past it's been Pokemon and Nightmare before Christmas and Wringwraiths and a tone of other things ^_^

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